Friday, July 15, 2011

new love begin

alright...before this i have been single for 2 months and above.. but today i feel so happy coz somebody has proposed me..n i also say to him that i feel in love with him.. this is ashamed coz this is the first time i say it to guy that i feel in love with him.. OMG.... after i say to him, i feel so cool, relax and there is no problem inside my heart anymore...oh i feel like i want to fly to the heaven..hehe..there are a reason why i accept him:

1)he is so matured.. i love matured, coz matured can teach me how live is it.. n matured also can help me to change my attitude that before this like childish to become a matured woman like another..
2)he look so cool.. n his caliber is so high..haha...
3)he look sincerity and he also for me, appearance is not important.. but the important thing for love is a sincerity heart.. if the person is not sincere in their relationship, there must been have many problem..
4) i can feel my heartbeat say that he will make me happy and can give me sunshine..hehe...
5)then. there are many similarities between me and him...huhu..thats why i like it..
whatever it will been, i just hope this will be last for me...coz i doesnt want to be sad anymore.. i just hope he can guide me to the true way and hope he will be the last for me...if  "U" read this, i just want to say, thanks coz u accept me as i am... i'm not a beauty, n doesnt have anything.. what i have only a heart that always love u...


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